Currencies Loan Size Loan Tenor Interest Rate (*)
Motorcycle Car Motorcycle Car Motorcycle Car
  • KHR
  • USD
  • Up to 20 million Riels or
  • USD5,000
  • Up to 400 million Riels or
  • USD100,000
Up to 5 Years Up to 7 Years Interest rate: From 1.49% per month Interest rate: From 0.65% per month
Documents Required
Additional Documents (If any)
  • Cardkrí​            (Vehicle ID Card)
  • Individual/Corporate.
  • Permanent residence
  • Reliable source of income.
  • Cambodian ID card
  • Passport
  • Family/Resident Book
  • Driving License​ (Car only)
  • Income documents

+  Individual:

  • Employment contract or
  • Bank statements

+ Corporate:

  • Certificate of Incorporate or
  • Patent Tax
  • Electricity or Water supply bill
  • Other supported documents
Special Features:

  • NO need hard/soft title deed as collateral
  • Living in rental house is also qualified
  • ZERO fees
  • FREE of charge for loan repayments via TrueMoney’s agents nationwide



  • NO PENALTY for early pay-off
  • EASY terms & conditions with QUICK approval
  • Ownership (Cardkrí) is under client’s name.
  • FREE special insurance package (theft, own damage & 3rd party’s liabilities) from People & Partner Insurance (PPI).


(*) The Bank Reserves the Right to Change Rate/ Fee above without prior notice. (Update on 31st July, 2020)

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