Daun Penh Specialized Bank Plc (the “DP Bank”) is named after the well-known Khmer ancestor “Daun Penh”, founder of “Phnom Daun Penh” in 1372, which later renamed as “Phnom Penh”, the current capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Additionally, Daun Penh district is a collection of large administrative, economic, IT and all kinds of commercial center including: Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Council for the Development of Cambodia, National Bank of Cambodia, Phnom Penh Municipality, Central Market, and many high-rise commercial centers. It also consists of significant national cultural centers such as the Royal Palace, National Museum, Independence Monument, Wat Phnom, etc.

The well-established logo of the DP Bank is comprised of four elements:

1. Square: ​represents the Chaktomuk River, the wonders of Phnom Penh’s geographical location, and the four directions in which the bank envisions to promote its reputation to target customers, to be their top minded bank when they need financial services.

2. Naga: ​represents the dragon bridge of Wat Phnom. The bridge represented the means of connecting the economic, commercial and financial activities of the public in that era. Compared to current day, it represents the financial means provided by the bank to the customers. In other words, Naga also symbolizes excellence, power of control and protection of the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and the community.

3. Letter “D” and “P”: stands as the abbreviations for “Daun Penh” in English.

​4. The color of the Cambodian flag: ​is used as the color reference. In this sense, red stands for power, excellence and good fortune, white represents transparency and simplicity, while blue represents integrity, loyalty, professionalism and trust.