Loan Introducing Freelancer (LIF) refers to any neutral and legal person who are interested in registering to be the DP Bank’s independent loan introducer. They are obligated to obey terms and conditions as a LIF of the DP Bank whose main task is to introduce any potential prospect / customers to get to know, be interested in and then to apply for any of the DP Bank’s loan.

Join us now as a LIF, you will get additional incomes and can enjoy many other benefits as below:

Additional benefits upon becoming LIF

  • Become one of partners of the DP Bank as Freelancer
  • Build reputation & potential for expanding your existing business
  • Receive referral incentive up to 30$ per loan, if approved
  • Build good relationship (with the DP Bank) and get updated knowledge in products and services of the bank

Main tasks upon becoming LIF

  • Introduce customers to get to know, be interested in using any of the DP Bank’s loan
  • Provide basic information about credit services and terms & conditions to customers

Conditions upon becoming LIF

  • Legal person (Individual or Corporate) or the DP Bank’s existing customer
  • Having legitimate business in the DP Bank’s operational areas, or
  • Be respected/influential person having good relationship in the community
  • Being capable to provide basic information of the DP Bank’s loan to customers and keep customer information in confidential
  • Executed agreement with the DP Bank
  • Participate training on the products and services of the DP Bank, if required

Loan Introducing Freelancer (LIF)